Malga Sorgazza, Rif.Caldenave, Rif.Brentari, Malga Sorgazza

Malga Sorgazza, Rif.Brentari, Rif.Caldenave, Malga Sorgazza.



Malga Caldenave Refuge
(Mt. 1.792)
"Claudio and Renzo "
Run by Enrica and Elio
Malga Sorgazza (Mt. 1.450)
Run by Carla and Maurizio
Cima d’Asta Refuge
Ottone Brentari (Mt. 2.473)
Run by Emanuele and Simone
Orange rout, for those who prefer to go up to the Cima d’Asta
Malga Sorgazza – Caldenave Refuge – O Brentari Refuge – Malga Sorgazza

First day
Malga Sorgazza to Rifugio Caldenave (5 hours / 947Mt)

Start by taking the fairly steep path no.328 to the lake at Costabrunella, following on to Forcella Quarazza and Forzelon di Rava (2397m)
From here it’s possible to make a short deviation up to the top of Cimon di Rava (2436m).
From Forzelon di Rava take no.332bis to Forcella Ravetta before descending to the refuge at Caldenave.

Second Day
Rifugio Caldenave to Rifugio O Brentari (7 hours / 1083Mt)

Follow path no.360 to the lakes of Val d’Inferno, the path then proceeds uphill to Forcella delle Buse Todesche (2309m)
From here take no.373 to Forcella Magna (2117m)
Continue along no.380 and then 380bis, which rises rapidly to Passo Socede (2516m)
After a very short time the path leads to the Cima d’Asta refuge - Rifugio O Brentari (2476m)

Third Day
Rifugio O Brentari to Malga Sorgazza (2,30 hours)

Before starting the descent it’s possible to ascend to the top of the mountain or ‘Zimon’ (2847m) – a fantastic panorama and the highest point of the whole group.
To return to Malga Sorgazza (1450m) there’s the possibility of the shortest route via path no.327 or a slightly longer descent along the more panoramic path no386 via Campagnassa.

After completing the Alta Via di Granito, and having stamped this leaflet in the two refuges, we will give you a commemorative pin.

A difference in altitude of about 2.030 meters – Walking distance is approximately 14,30 hours

Mentioned walking distances don’t include pauses and are intended for people with a good training.

  .:: Malga Caldenave Refuge (Mt. 1.792)::. Run by Enrica and Elio. Tel:3482564848
.:: Malga Sorgazza (mt. 1450)::. Run by Carla and Maurizio. Tel: 3462304405
.:: Rif. S.A.T. O. Brentari at Cima d’Asta ( mt. 2473)::. Run by Emanuele Tel:3478402125 and Simone Tel: 3403262094
.:: Alpine Rescue Tel: 118::.