Malga Sorgazza, Rif.Caldenave, Rif.Brentari, Malga Sorgazza

Malga Sorgazza, Rif.Brentari, Rif.Caldenave, Malga Sorgazza.



Malga Caldenave Refuge (Mt. 1.792)
"Claudio and Renzo "
Run by Enrica and Elio

The Lagorai Mountain Group
Cima d’Asta – Cime di Rava
Alta Via del Granito
The Malga Caldenave Refuge is located amidst breathtaking scenery in the heart of the Lagorai, surrounded by the granite peaks of Cima d’Asta and the Cime di Rava. This is the starting point for numerous paths that not only take in the natural beauty of the area, but which also pass several old World War One sites. Forty minutes away in Val Orsera there are a number of climbing routes. However, you can also come to Caldenave just to relax, take in the panorama and enjoy the traditional home cooking. The refuge is one of the (overnight) stops on the Alta Via del Granito.

The refuge came into being after the original shepherd’s hut, Malga Caldenave was authentically restored. There are 18 beds, split between 2 small dormitories. Enrica runs the kitchen creating, simple but tasty traditional dishes, whilst Elio the manager, will fill you in on everything you need to know about the area.

The refuge is easy to reach, in just about an hour’s walk from Tedon. 1,334m ( car park), by taking the SAT path no. 332, through the meadows and the woods up to Caldenave, 1,722m ( a ‘climb’ of 460m). Mountain bike lovers can reach Caldenave by following the forest track that starts near Ponte Conseria.

Open from 20th June until 20th September.
Run by Enrica and Elio Tel: 348 2564848
Booking is advised.

Alpine Rescue Tel: 118

Getting here
Follow the Valsugana SS47 until you see signs to Strigno, turn off at Strigno junction and go past Strigno, where you turn left to Spera, keep going past Spera and on past the Crucolo. About 4km after the Crucolo restaurant you arrive at Val Campelle, on the left is quite a large parking area.

  .:: Malga Caldenave Refuge (Mt. 1.792)::. Run by Enrica and Elio. Tel:3482564848
.:: Malga Sorgazza (mt. 1450)::. Run by Carla and Maurizio. Tel: 3462304405
.:: Rif. S.A.T. O. Brentari at Cima d’Asta ( mt. 2473)::. Run by Emanuele Tel:3478402125 and Simone Tel: 3403262094
.:: Alpine Rescue Tel: 118::.