Malga Sorgazza, Rif.Caldenave, Rif.Brentari, Malga Sorgazza

Malga Sorgazza, Rif.Brentari, Rif.Caldenave, Malga Sorgazza.



Rif. S.A.T. O. Brentari a Cima d’Asta ( mt. 2473)
Run by: Emanuele and Simone


Lagorai Mountain Group
Cima d'Asta – Cime di Rava
Alta Via del Granito

This refuge is situated on the south face of Cima d'Asta, the highest mountain in the area. From the refuge you can easily walk along a path leading to the crest of the mountain, or embark upon various excursions along paths that pass the refuge. The nearby granite also hosts a variety of climbs (from III to VIc).
The refuge has 58 beds and is open from 20th June to 20th September. The refuge is owned by the SAT and run by Emanuele and Simone.
Although there are no official guidebooks for climbing on Cima d’Asta the refuge does have it’s own ‘climbing guide’ which can be consulted to look up the various routes. Whilst the refuge itself is closed over the winter months, the slopes of Cima d’Asta are never the less highly popular amongst those who practise ski-mountaineering. Usually in March the Lagorai-Cima d’Asta Ski-Mountaineering race takes place, an event which has also hosted the World Cup. The refuge has a small winter shelter with 6 beds which can be accessed from October to June.

How to get there
From Malga Sorgaza take the SAT path no.327, and you get to the refuge after approximately 3 hours.
From Val Vanoi (departing from Chiesetta del Pront) , follow SAT path no.338 until reaching SAT 363 Col del Vento which you then continue along. Shortly after passing 'Forzeleta' you need to take SAT 364, which then leads to the refuge. The total hiking time is about 5 hours.
From Val Campelle, starting from Ponte Conseria, take SAT path no.326 until Forcella Magna, keep going until the junction with SAT 327 ( which starts at Malga Sorgazza), you then take this up to the refuge. The total time is approximately 4 hours.

Refuge Telephone: 0461 594100
Emanuele: 3478402125
Simone: 3403262094
email: emanueletessaro@email.it


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