Malga Sorgazza, Rif.Caldenave, Rif.Brentari, Malga Sorgazza

Malga Sorgazza, Rif.Brentari, Rif.Caldenave, Malga Sorgazza.



.: Alta Via del Granito :. Cima d’Asta – Cime di Rava

The refuges are open from 20th June to 20th September, so this is the best time for taking on the Alta Via del Granito, although the weather is often good through September and October. However out of the main season, overnight stays are only possible in the winter shelters for which you must bring sleeping bags or if you bring your own tent. At the beginning of summer there is still the possibility of snow around the higher paths near Cima d'Asta, for which the use of gaiters are advisable. During the summer months it's best to book the refuges in advance, should you have to cancel a reservation let them know as soon as possible.

The route covers a total length of about 28km, with a height difference of almost 2000m (although another 380m needs to be added if you take in the summit of Cima d'Asta). The paths are considered to be fairly easy (EE), however it's always a good idea not to overestimate one's physical abilities. The estimated walking times do not include stops and are based on distances covered by people who are used to mountain hiking. There are no shelters to be found on the routes between the refuges, although the second part of the trek does pass some WWI caves that may be used in emergencies. It's also important to remember to have appropriate clothing, particularly as much walking is done at 2000m or above.

The Green Route: on day one there is a total ascent of 1,026m, this is increased by 380mif taking on the summit. On day two there in an ascent of 399m and a descent of 1,083m. This is followed by a total ascent of 605m and a descent of 947m on the third day.

The Orange Route: this is the reverse of the above route, so day three as above is now the first day and the values for total ascent and descent are reversed.

.: Kompass no. 621 with a scale of 1:25,000 – Valsugana, Cima d'Asta, Val dei Mocheni
.: CAI/SAT Tesino with a scale of 1:25,000 – Cima d'Asta, Gruppo di Rava and Tolvà

  .:: Malga Caldenave Refuge (Mt. 1.792)::. Run by Enrica and Elio. Tel:3482564848
.:: Malga Sorgazza (mt. 1450)::. Run by Carla and Maurizio. Tel: 3462304405
.:: Rif. S.A.T. O. Brentari at Cima d’Asta ( mt. 2473)::. Run by Emanuele Tel:3478402125 and Simone Tel: 3403262094
.:: Alpine Rescue Tel: 118::.